The element of water conveys a particularly strong pull within me. I feel that water is a symbolic reflection of the female self. Water remains itself even though it can be many different forms. For example, a stream is flowing and fluid, it can move around rocks gently, easily, but with persistence. It doesn’t let anything get in its way-it finds a way around it gracefully. A woman to the core remains herself, but will have many sides of her personality and mood that can take many forms like water. These actions of the water are representative of the feelings/emotions or mood inside of me and I capture that in a photograph.

Spending vast amounts of time on the beaches in Greece and taking in- depth photographs of the active sea while being in peak emotional states of joy, bliss, gratitude, etc., I began to realize that the sea was reflecting my emotions and I was capturing this in my photographs. Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted many experiments about this concept. He proves there is a definite connection between water and human vibrational energy, thoughts, words and emotions.

Through the sea photographs, I create an internal dialogue for the viewer, as well as insights of the positive affect our thoughts and emotions can make when translated to our bodies. Keeping in mind our bodies are 75% water, I ask the viewer to contemplate their internal dialogue. What do you SEA IN YOURSELF?

Photos printed on metallic paper and face mounted to gloss 1/8″ plexi

Square photos 12″ x 12″, 24″ x 24″ or 40″ x 40″

Panels 12″ x 40″

Large Panels 24″ x 60″

Rectangle 24″ x 18″ and larger

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