Unleashed is a therapeutic, social art project.  It empowers and enables women to express, love and accept themselves from the inside out, promoting body positivity, that permeates through society in ways beyond what is expressed through the resulting photographs.  Women from the community who express an interest to be part of the collective message and who are ready to blossom are interviewed and selected to participate in the beauty that unfolds. I create a welcoming safe space and lead each woman on a journey into herself.  Through a guided meditation of mental imagery, body sensations, personal color theory and emotional flooding she fosters a newfound love for herself.  Cast in a new light, her body becomes a canvas of her own emotions and she thoughtfully applies the paint as a tool of self-expression.  The energy contrived is documented through my lens via artistic photos & testimonial video of her individualized journey. Through this experience she has created a new relationship with her inner critical voice.

When I’ve completed the goal of Unleashing 108 women I’ll be exhibiting photographs from each woman with a mission to empower women worldwide!

Are you ready to participate in the project & #GetUnleashed? Send me a message on my connect page or to Artist@MelissaVlahos.com

Unleashed Project