women already Unleashed



The Unleashed Project is a therapeutic, creative experience for ALL women. This art project empowers women in ways beyond what is expressed through the resulting photographs  It was created because of my desire to help women to see all their creative potential and beauty inside, to help them fall in love with themselves and their bodies and connect to their heart felt emotions feeling empowered and strong.  Women who are ready to blossom are selected to participate in the beauty that unfolds. Unleashed begins with me guiding you in a meditation and an emotional flood of your own positive emotions that move you into using the paint to express that flood of emotions on your body as your canvas. I then make photographic art out of the art you’re making so it’s a beautiful collaboration of artistic energies. When I’ve completed the goal of Unleashing 108 women I’ll be exhibiting photographs from each woman with a mission to empower women worldwide! Why the number 108? Read about it here The Mystical Meaning of 108

Are you ready to get Unleashed? Send me a message on my contact page or to Artist@MelissaVlahos.com